Demystify Big Data – Great Video Series

I am not an engineer, nor am I a “data scientist.”  But, I am in business, and I do have a passion for Operations & Finance.  The ability to leverage Big Data, successfully query the data set, and extrapolate impactful conclusions has transformed decision-making in business.  A trend which will only intensify.

When I was looking to conceptually get my arms around Big Data, I found this video series very helpful. Here are 6 short video clips from Christophe Bisciglia, founder of Cloudera and former Google star.  This is probably the simplest explanation of Big Data for someone who is starting from scratch.

Click on any of these links below to watch short video clips per the title:

Hadoop and Big Data 1 of 6 – Challenging Old Assumptions

Hadoop and Big Data 2 of 6 – Processing Petabytes

Hadoop and Big Data 3 of 6 – Technical Overview

Hadoop and Big Data 4 of 6 – One Data System with Many Users

Hadoop and Big Data 5 of 6 – Ferrari vs Freight Train

Hadoop and Big Data 6 of 6 – Augmenting Existing Systems