About Me

My name is Nick Stepanovich and I am the author of this blog.  I am married with 3 daughters; I live in Cleveland again after almost 18 yeas away that took me to Columbus, Phoenix and Chicago.

I have spent most of my life in Operations and Sales Management, including a stint for a Management Consulting Firm.  These experiences have fostered a passion for Human Capital Management, and the correlation between Sound Policies & Procedures, an Engaged Workforce and a Company’s Bottom Line.  I also have a strong belief in the power of Social, and its transformative effect on the way we transact business and live our lives.

I try to avoid one-sided social-marketing for my employer.  I lead a sales force of Human Capital Management and Business Process Outsourcing sales reps in Ohio.

I will use this blog to push out HR, Business, occasional Tech content, as well as the my own original posts from time to time.  I hope to effectively communicate Impactful Information to my peers, my clients, and the business world at large.

Feel free to comment, copy and use the info.


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