Sept 8 – BIG Tweets: Most Popular Recent Tweets

10 Most Popular Recent Posts via Twitter (@NickStepanovich). Check out the articles, the authors, and hopefully you derive some inspiration from the content like me.
100 Tweetable Business Culture #Quotes From Brilliant Executives
These are Great –>
Most People Don’t Under-Perform, They’re Under-Led
5 Ways Leaders Sabotage Performance
#BigData is changing how we work
Great article on convergence of #cloud,#social & #mobile
MRT @MattVaadi via @cfo
Myth vs. Fact: 4 ACA Responsibilities you STILL need to prepare for,
even with the delay
Take 7 min and watch this #SCFeatured video about Richie Parker,
very inspirational How would you live w/o arms –>
Where #Starbucks is more innovative than #SAP,
and #ADP more innovative than #Apple
40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World
These are REALLY Cool –>
best area high school football players ranked 1-50 over past 50 yrs
Congrats to my brother for making list –>
The Art of Story-Selling and Why Social Enterprises Need to Master It
Social Selling = e-Story Selling –>
How to build your personal brand: The next step to anything
Reasons 1 and 5 are great –>
RT @TNW by @adii

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