July 28 – BIG Tweets: Most Popular Recent Tweets

10 Most Popular Recent Posts via Twitter (@NickStepanovich). Check out the articles, the authors, and hopefully you derive some inspiration from the content like me.
12 Types of Posts that Always Get Lots of Comments
and animals doing silly things http://buff.ly/15GdzFN
RT @TedNguyen @TheGrok via @dukeo
Frustrating Social Media Antics That Should Be Sent Into Exile
First one is the Best –> http://buff.ly/15MwwH1
The Social-Media Bubble Is Quietly Deflating
Use #Pinterest…Like a Man
and you can also use it like a “businessman” –> http://buff.ly/12LGBWj
Why Great Ideas Get Rejected
there is message in here to set clear expectations –> http://buff.ly/12LHNZC
10 smart ways to survive the coming IT jobpocalypse
SoMe Tips Too –> http://buff.ly/1dLVmcQ
One Cool Chart to Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Energy Use in USA
One-touch dialing app hits a million calls & supposedly starts making $$$
I want this at work –> http://buff.ly/12VUqNa
When You’ve Done Enough, Do More
via @HarvardBiz | by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen
Political discourse is so unpalatable even Reddit can’t take it anymore

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