July 21 – BIG Tweets: Most Popular Recent Tweets

10 Most Popular Recent Posts via Twitter (@NickStepanovich). Check out the articles, the authors, and hopefully you derive some inspiration from the content like me.
 #SaaS is fast becoming the new normal
by Ian Grayson
Why you should step up your #LinkedIn game
Good Advice –> http://buff.ly/19VYmqz
The #SCOTUS Decisions Every Employee Should Be Talking About
Frank Luntz on 5 Phrases that Maximize Results
Adopt 1 to be a better communicator today –> http://buff.ly/16PGlEZ
If you haven’t seen this powerful #SCFeatured piece from Sunday, please look
Why You Need a#Hashtag Strategy
You can’t avoid the #Ubiquitous –> http://buff.ly/15vxreB
Surveys the Evolution of Social Business
Great Content –> http://buff.ly/13cfGlW
Ray Wang (@rwang0) via @mitsmr | #gamification #CIO #CFO
Are You Making Your Employees Stupid?
Stop Learning = Start Obsolescence –> http://buff.ly/11SeLcm
via @toddbnielsen #leadership
What to do if Collaborative Economy Markets are Disrupting Your Biz
Corporations, u are on notice http://buff.ly/12C4wqW
Disgruntled former employees can hurt their former employers in many ways
“Immutable Law of the Ex” http://buff.ly/18X9KRP

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