Holiday Social-Hiatus didn’t Kill Me…but I missed the Juice

I conducted an experiment on myself, to see how I would handle a toned down social media experience.

I wanted to go back to scratch, ease back into it, and see if I would still do all the same things, or if I would try something different.

Week 1 was basically no Social Media.

Week 2 was read-only social media activity. (on Twitter and Facebook only)

Week 3 was read-and-a-little LinkedIn activity, a few Tweets, and I added Pinterest back to the mix.

Week 4, here I am, getting back to my blog.  The only social media site I basically gave up on was FourSquare, and while I still check out Klout, I don’t actively monitor my number.

I didn’t know what I would find out…I guess I realized I like the tools I use, and I like how I use them.  I missed the juice of being plugged in.  BUT, I also feel rejuvenated to get back to it.  So, maybe break was good idea after all.  Betcha I don’t do it next year 😉


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