I want my Sales/Service Team to Use Twitter…Now What? Part 4: 8 more tips for a richer experience

Now that you’re comfortable with twitter, lets up the ante a bit…

If you have made it this far, Congratulations!  Consider yourself “up to speed” on twitter; moreover, good luck leveraging your new-found proficiency.  However, like any evolving technology/platform, there is always something new to learn.  Here are 8 more tips to help you enjoy a richer twitter experience.

In three previous posts I listed 8 simple steps to get your sales/service team to dip their toe in the water per twitter (click HERE for Part 1), 8 simple steps to go a little deeper and engage with others via twitter (click HERE for Part 2), and 8 simple steps to better manage your twitter account (click HERE for Part 3).

Here are 8 more tips and ideas to help you and your team extract more value from twitter.

1. TweetChat: If you are participating in Twitter Chats, you may notice that trying to keep up with the conversation by searching for the hashtag on your twitter page, or following the hashtag as a separate feed in HootSuite, may be difficult.  Plus, always remembering to include your hashtag at the end of each comment (and typing it) can waste a lot of time.

IF this is the case, click HERE to check out TweetChat.

I would normally include instruction here, but when you go to TweetChat, it lists 3 easy instructions to get you started.  Here are a few tips they don’t explain: click on PAUSE to stop the scrolling feed, I like to change my REFRESH SPEED to 5 seconds to keep it moving, and I TOGGLE FONT to keep the text small so I can scan faster.

2. Customize your Header: modernize your personal twitter page with a bigger photo

go to twitter and click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner near the compose icon, click on EDIT PROFILE

Click on DESIGN (above App and under Profile)

scroll down to CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN, click on CHANGE HEADER, pick CHOOSE EXISTING IMAGE from the drop down, upload a photo – Done

Check out a good example from NBC News HERE

Confused?  Watch this VIDEO to see how.

3. Customize your Background: just like customizing your header, customizing your background is a great way to make your twitter page look more professional and unique.

If you were able to use the instructions above to change your Header, great.

So to change your background, follow the same steps, but rather than click on CHANGE HEADER, click on CHANGE BACKGROUND – Done

Check out Brian Solis’ twitter page for a good example HERE

Want to make a Custom Background, this VIDEO should help get you started

4. Getting (even more) Follower: Did you know, there is a direct correlation between how much you tweet and how many followers you have? 

  • People with 10,000+ tweets average 1,000+ followers
  • Women average more tweets than Men
  • Family is the #1 Topic Tweeted about

Check out this great data-summary from Mashable about this correlation

Mashable got their information from an “Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World” from Beevolve…check it out HERE

5. How to View Your Old Tweets: Twitter doesn’t save old tweets for more than about 10 days, and if you tweet a lot, they are saved for even less.  [if you have only tweeted 6 times ever, even months later, you will probably see those tweets because you haven’t tweeted enough to push them down your page – if this is you, go back to Part 2 of my twitter-series and try again 🙂 ]

There are 3 good places to go if you want to see your old tweets:

SnapBird – not only can you search your old tweets, but you can search for old tweets from friends, tweets that mention you, favorites…but you can only search about 200 at a time.

TwimeMachine – this one is easy to use, but it is real basic.  Easily access up to 3,200 tweets from your history.  As a best practice, every 3,200 tweets, use TwimeMachine to quickly access al your tweets in an easily readable webpage, then save the tweets as an archived history on your computer.

TweetScan – this site bills itself as “The Most Complete Twitter Backup Available,” similar to the two listed above.  Check out all 3 and use the one you like best.

6. 50 Fascinating Twitter Facts:

Here is a great list of 50 twitter facts, many are shocking.  Here are a few examples:

  • 85% of Recruiters use Twitter
  • 5% of users create 75% of content
  • The first tweet from space happened in January 2010
  • twitter means “chirping from birds,” but it also means “a short burst of inconsequential information”

Click HERE to see the list via http://www.stumbleupon.com by @lilachbullock in March 2012

7. Best Time to Tweet: (or tweet to Facebook) 

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a huge indicator as the popularity and impact of your tweets.  As we have covered in Part 3 of this series, some sites like BufferApp provide analytics as to the activity of your tweet.

Often, when you tweet is just as important as what you tweet…the old tree falling in a woods analogy fits here.

Do you tweet on the Weekends? Wednesdays? Noon & 6pm?  You should.

Click HERE to see some great data on when you should tweet via @TheNextWeb, Data courtesy of @danzarrella

8. More Dos and Don’ts for Twitter

  • #FF – if you are going to use the #FF on Friday to tell your Followers who you think they should follow, do not do this: “#FF @abc @def @xyz”
    • instead, do this: “#FF @abc @def – great source for me for all things x”
    • tell us why to follow someone, and we may do so
  • Personal vs. Professional tweeting – there is no good answer here, just know that if someone follows you for professional contact, too much personal content may cause them to stop following you…and the reverse is true.  Pick your balance carefully!
  • Since this series was originally started to help a sales/service team use twitter, DO NOT let twitter get in the way of conducting business.  Schedule time to use twitter, and when time is up, get back to work…twitter will be here when you come back.
  • Do not say “I love making money” or “I love making it rain” or any other off-putting remark in your bio.  Most people will see you as too sales oriented and it can create a bias to your tweets.  exception: if people will follow you because you are actually a respected financial wiz, then you are only projecting a pre-existing brand.
  • DO NOT take everything I say as the “The Only Way” to use twitter.  Use my tips as a guide, find your own way, find your own voice, have fun!

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