Summary of LinkedIn Q n’ A and Best Practices via Twitter Chat: #InternPro

Every Monday at 9pm EST there is a Twitter Chat called #InternPro.

Recently the get together was all about LinkedIn, why young professionals need to use LinkedIn, how recruiters use LinkedIn, best practices, etc.

HR Pros, Recruiters, Social Media Experts, New and Experienced Professionals all shared their opinions.  I felt it would be a shame to let all these tips go to waste.  So, I took some of the best comments and tweets from that conversation, and shared them here.  I also placed each question in bold, in case you want to scroll through for topics of interest to you (the chat started off with a little multiple choice quiz, and I put a couple extra best practices at the end):

@YouTern – Q1: How many recruiters use LinkedIn to source or qualify job and internship candidates?
@YouTern – Q2: How many college students/recent grads are using LinkedIn?
@YouTern – Q3: True or False (and why)? LinkedIn is primarily for workforce veterans… I’m just a student, so no need to be there?
FALSE (see Q1 & Q2)
@YouTern – Q4: Why have students and recent graduates been slow to embrace LinkedIn? How can we change that?
@CyndyTrivella – I know employers who will assess someone harshly if he/she is NOT on @LinkedIn
@DebBabbitt – I actually told a guy in an interview his LinkedIn page need to be updated. I was the interviewee.
@DrJanice – College students: stop spending so much time on Facebook and pimp your LinkedIn!!
@YouTernMark – Why should you be on LInkedIn? Because NINETY_THREE percent of recruiters are on LInkedIn… ‘nough said.
@DawnRasmussen – Just spoke to a college class this past Fri and told students to connect to professors and any supervisors on LI as a start.
@YouTern – Q5: What are the keys to establishing a LinkedIn Profile that gets you noticed… even if you don’t have a lot of experience?
@CyndyTrivella – Networking can cause stress. Be brave and start with ppl you know and keep expanding on the connections.
@profkrg – Now I’m feeling all pressured to use LinkedIn more.
@YouTernErica – Network! Use other factors of LinkedIn like Groups and Answers to establish your credibility & meet new people.
@YouTernMark – LinkedIn profiles are a lot like resumes… not everyone is good at writing them. Get some help!
@GuyDavis02 – A5. Compelling headline, good clear pic w/smile, strong summary, good recommendation for activities and state skills
@ResumeDrEliz – A5: Write a strong Headline. List smart keywords for your industry. Join groups & participate!!!!
@JeffWaldmanHR – Biggest trick is to use your tagline under your name for your keywords! Check out my profile for example!
@YouTernErica – Take time crafting your headline, summary, and experience. Ask for recommendations and publish some of your blog posts!
@levyrecruits – LinkedIn hint: write ur summary for ur next job not the one u want now; everything on the profile has 2 pass the “So what?” test
@YouTernMark – Do you think recruiters go to LinkedIn expecting to see 20 years of experience from a recent graduate? They don’t.
@YouTern – Q6: Okay, so I just created my LinkedIn account… and it looks very empty compared to others. Now what do I do?
@levyrecruits – Write ur profile so it resonates with hiring manager not recruiters – do not simply stuff so recruiters can understand it all
@NickStepanovich – a new professional should also smartly use the apps…tell us what books you are reading, put some good work in drop box, etc
@YouTern – Q7: Are LinkedIn Groups an effective networking tool? How do we best use Groups to establish our sphere of influence?
@DrJanice – Groups are occasionally great networking but only if you post original, interesting material.
@levyrecruits @DrJanice – you don’t have to post great content but you do have to ask reasonably intelligent Qs
@DrJanice @MeghanMBiro @levyrecruits – Great questions ARE great content!
@MeghanMBiro – First impressions are lasting impressions. This includes #LinkedIn discussions and groups.
@YouTern – Q8: Share your knowledge! What other job search tools are available to us on LinkedIn that maybe we don’t know about?
@DrJanice – Use the company profiles to search connections are the orgs that interest you.
@rmcgahen – A8: Answer questions! Use your knowledge to help others out…you never know what will happen!
@YouTernErica – Answer questions! Join groups near your location and in your industry… add to your reading list & connect your blog.
@YouTern – Q9: How can you use LinkedIn to make a first-hand connection at a company… network your way in?
@dommirto – A9: See if any college alumni work at the company and try to connect with them.
@IsaAdney – A9: Connect with someone who works in the company and ask to do an info interview to learn more about their job.
@JeffWaldmanHR – A9 where do we start? Go through your own 1st level connections if s/he is connected to someone you’d like to meet! Warm lead!
@GuyDavis02 – A9. I use LI to find the last person that had the job and get an intro to someone currently there
@levyrecruits – A9 look for people who work at a target company who had the same major (or similar interest)…
And here a few more GREAT Comments which were part of bigger conversations, as opposed to direct answers to questions: 
@2PositiveTweets – Great point! “@RebeccaLPage: Job seekers are all salespersons & marketers–whether they like it or not.
@DrJanice – LinkedIn updates are longer lasting tweets.
@DawnRasmussen – Make sure you list #Skills which are your Google juice for your LinkedIn profile.
@levyrecruits – Careful about mimicking the language of job descrips on ur profile; most JDs r soft and have little 2 say about probs 2 b solved
@DrJanice – When you meet people IRL, connect with them on LI. Yes, I just said you have to network.
@CyndyTrivella – When someone looks at your profile, send them an invite and customize the invite.

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