Sept 9 – My BIG Tweets: Most Popular Tweets of the Last Week

10 Most Popular Posts this Week via Twitter (@NickStepanovich). Check out the articles, the authors, and hopefully you derive some inspiration from the content like me.
44 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know
America’s Economy Has Split Into Two Different Worlds
by (Mark Cuban) @mcuban
#BigData vs. Medium Data: Your org NEEDS you to know the difference
I like the analogy –
Why Hiring People Who Annoy You Helps You Innovate
For Your Career, It’s Not What U Know – It’s Who U Know
Performance backed by a Sponsor = Advancement
Innovation in Turbulent Times
Left Brain vs Right Brain – 2009 article that is due to be reread
Great Video about #Trust & Trust Based Selling
its an hour long, at least watch the first 6 min –
Nucleus Research Report
Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Data and #BigData via @InformaticaCorp RT @Informatica_URG
Latest Study from Gartner
Magic Qudrant – Payroll BPO Services
Heads up fellow GenX – Study says Generation X is balanced & happy

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