Aug 26 – My BIG Tweets: Most Popular Tweets of the Last Week

10 Most Popular Posts this Week via Twitter (@NickStepanovich).  Check out the articles, the authors, and hopefully you derive some inspiration from the content like me.  Enjoy!
Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing
Big Data, Virtualization are Emerging Technologies
2 Good Posts per #BigData
is a response to this pos t via @mashable
A crash-course in Applying #BigData to Customer Engagement
Learn all the Acronyms
You’re new to Twitter, and want to Start Engaging with People
Here are 8 Very Simple Steps
You can’t use #BigData w/o #MDM
Good Read about Unstructured Data
If you don’t understand #SEO
Probably the best video I’ve ever seen on explaining SEO
Interesting Look at Operational vs Analytic Master Data Management
via @ITWeb
Comic website The @Oatmeal has reached funding goal to save the Tesla Tower
10 B2B Companies That Create Exceptional Content
De-Constructing Executive Presence
Do you have “IT?”

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