Aug 12 – My BIG Tweets: Most Popular Tweets of the Last Week

10 Most Popular Posts I Pushed out this Week via Twitter (@NickStepanovich).  Check out the articles, the authors, and hopefully you derive some inspiration from the content like me.  Enjoy!
5 Traits of High-Potential Employees
     Watch 2min video at bottom
     from @samuelbacharach
Big Data – For an Engaged Workforce, You Need Research, Not Just a Survey
     Great perspective in #BigData
     from @NBRI
Why are so many enterprises struggling to move more process into their shared services & outsourcing?
     Great perspective
     from @pfersht
The golden age of the solution sale is over
     I know the problem & the solution, why should I pick you?
     from @harvardbiz
Should you tweet while you sleep?
     Good Perspectives…shhh, i scheduled this tweet 
     from @lilachbullock
When HR Goes Primetime
     check out this blog which has links to HR blogs about women & controversial issues
     from @HRmarketer
What Does “Professional” Look Like Today?
     check out the Old vs New Chart at Bottom
     from @afine
#Gamification in HR: the Reinvention of Work
     measure what you manage
     from @willmcinnes
FEATURE: “Embracing BYOD: Mobile challenge”
     30 more min of productivity a day!
     from @SCMagazine
2 Lists You Should Look at Every Morning
     funny story, we’ve all done it
     from @jolewitz

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